Dr. Theresa A. Buckner, PhD.,ThD.

 Life Recovery Coach Class and Certification is approved by the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). The curriculum based upon the 12 steps recovery model, but applied to all areas of trauma. It deals with addictions, process addictions, divorce, abuse, abandonment, abortion, etc. It is a 12 week program of study. Once the Coaches finish the course, I send them a certificate of completion and certification. The cost between $200-$359. There is a $200 early registration and $359 for late registration. The Couple Recovery Coach Certification was recently added this year. The pricing is the same as the Life Recovery Coach Certification. The program is under my ministry which is a Christian Education organization. Classes are both national and international with a global following.


Mentorship Relationship:  the mentorship relationship is temporary and it ends. The mentor does not impart of themselves and of their own spirit to the disciple. S/He imparts of their knowledge. S/he takes the disciple and molds and trains and gives all the knowledge that they have. But that disciple can rise up and move into a completely different realm of operation to the mentor. There is no impartation that takes place from mentor to disciple. There is a degree of impartation of spiritual gifts and yes, you can impart the anointing that is on you, and it can transfer, but that is not spiritual parenting (Apostle/Overseer). 

As Apostle/Overseer/Spiritual Mother: Apostolic Impartation- there is difference between a prophet speaking a decree and releasing an anointing upon somebody, and the apostolic function of literally imparting what you have into that person. We looked at Moses as an example where the Holy Spirit took the anointing that was upon him and put it upon the seventy elders. But when it came to Joshua, Moses laid his hands on him and imparted, and Joshua took the full mantle of what Moses had. In that you see a distinction between prophetic release and apostolic impartation.  It means that the apostle has the ability to impart of their spirit to another, and that is the beginning concept of apostolic leader/apostle/overseer. It is a literal impartation from one spirit to another. 

Spirit to Spirit Communication- Discern in the spirit what is going on in the spirit of the other person, and my spirit and that person's spirit become one. During that process I am able to detect what is coming out of that person's spirit and I am able to pour from my spirit into that person's. As an apostle I can impart anything that God has given me and I can, as a prophet, release various different gifts and ministries and anointing’s. 

Dr. Buckner uses short term solution focused counseling coupled with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that will surely SHIFT you into newness of operation based upon Romans 8:28.